Secure your Visual Basic 6.0 investment with Microsoft .NET

[This is currently a UK only initiative but you will still find a lot of useful information on the new site and I know our partners are happy to engage worldwide]

Over the last couple of months I have been working with Sarah in my group to pull together something which hopefully will help the many companies in the UK who continue to have a significant investment in Visual Basic 6.0  - and we did it with virtually no budget thanks to some great help and encouragement from Artinsoft, Code Architects and Avanade.

Check out what we created if you are based in the United Kingdom and still have Visual Basic 6.0 applications running your company. Some of the highlights:

  • A great prize draw to win a free copy of a migration tool from Artinsoft or Code Architects (We have several to give away)
  • Great offers from our partners. How about a entry level great migration tool for just £199 or 25% off a full blown enterprise class tool
  • An attempt to summarise the five options you can take along with a 10 minute screencast by myself explaining the five options (and you can tell I had a cold when I recorded it!)
  • Links to the best resources to find out more
  • And a a brand new detailed article on the Interop Forms Toolkit which enables .NET forms and controls to be easily mixed with Visual Basic 6.0 forms and controls.

P.S. The web page does have one or two “bugs” – but we will get them fixed on the next refresh.