2012 Government Webinar Schedule - Windows 8, Windows Server, Office 2013 & Lync

The Microsoft Government Webinar Series is now live! We will be hosting a monthly webinar where you can get the latest information on the hottest topics in the Government and Public Sector space.

You can register or request copies of the recordings by email to Cooper Wearne at t-cwear@microsoft.com.

September: Windows 8: See What’s Next
Wednesday, 19th September from 1:30 - 2:30pm AEST (Sydney Time)
We will be demonstrating and discussing Windows 8 via a live webcast where we will:
• Showcase the Windows 8 UI
• Explore features/ improvements
• Dive into the Apps
• Discuss hardware form factors
October: Exploring Windows Server 2012
16th October from 1 - 2pm
Join us and take a technical deep dive into Windows Server 2012.
November: Office 2013: Experience it Live
15th November from 1 - 2pm
We will explore all the new features and improvements in Office 2013.
December: Unified Communications with Lync 2013
4th December from 1 - 2pm
Using Lync 2013 to spearhead your unified communications solution.