Ability to Create Email Messages

Why this feature is cool!

Our latest release will allow the end-user to email various reports from within Dynamics GP. Along with the ability to email the reports; the application allows the user to create an email message that will accompany the reports. All the email options and email messages will save with the report option and allow user to use on a repeated basis. 

What does it look like?

The ability to email requires the end-user to first setup an Email Option within the report options form. Once an end-user saves the email option, they will now have ability to email the report.

Email Options: (Example: Reports>>System>>Security>>User Security>>click New or Modify if report option exists)

Click Email Options button

Select who will be receiving the email and how it will be displayed (either attached or embedded) in the email. Once this is complete, then choose OK to save the email options setting for this report option.

The user will click the Message button. This will open the Message Setup Form. From this point, a Subject along with the body of the message can be entered and saved.

Now when an end-user selects the Email button, the email will contain the email message along with the report.