Another great Dynamics GP customer story

At CDS, the strength of Microsoft Dynamics GP in making information available and enabling efficiencies is a key element in the company’s success. Ron Wollner, President of CDS, comments, “Microsoft Dynamics GP has played a critical role in our successful growth. With this solution, we can do business effectively with enterprises by offering resources and service levels that one would expect from a company much larger than ours.”

Through automation, elimination of duplicate data entry, improved inventory planning with substantial cuts in inventory on hand, and a variety of process efficiencies, CDS generated substantial savings. Donna Driscoll, Director of Finance at CDS, states, “With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we were able to save $800,000 in the first year after the implementation and more than $5 million in the cost of service delivery through five years. We recouped our implementation costs in less than one year.”

In its international growth, CDS has taken advantage of the robust, flexible business solution. By using the multicurrency and multicountry modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, along with automatic sales tax calculations and other automations, the company achieves growth while keeping overhead small. “We quadrupled our business without adding people to the finance and IT departments,” says Wollner. “Much of the credit for that goes to our use of Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

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