Becoming a Believer

While I've been known to be a realistic person and sometimes called a skeptic, for several months I barked about magic fair dust.  Over time I became a believer that we would be able to accomplish the impossible task of creating a web client.

From printing, to security, to excel reports, to pefrormance, to customizations... For many months I had lists of concerns and not too many answers.  When I asked about them the common response was, "Yes, we need to figure that out."

When we plan a major release, we start with a vision document.  It frames out what we we want to accomplish with the release.  Our development team takes this vision and figures out how to make it a reality.  During this time I had to remind myselft that they are executing our the vision and although scary it was going to be epic when they finally figure it out.

Here are a few excerpts from the vision document:

 A trend in the market today revolves around cloud computing.  In the ERP space, customers have traditionally been slow to adopt this model due to highly confidential information being stored in a cloud environment choosing to adopt cloud for other needs like email. 

In a survey conducted by Moderate on behalf of Microsoft, they found that cloud computing has strong appeal provided three barriers are addressed: security, responsibility/visibility, and uptime/support.

Vision Pillars:

- Speed to Customer Value

- Ease of Deployment

- Easy Integration in Web

- Lower ongoing Costs (IT)