Competing Against NetSuite

While we continue to see NetSuite in a small percentage of our competitive sales opportunities, they are aggressively marketing themselves in the SMB market. NetSuite’s primary value proposition to customers is that they run in the Cloud, and any other solution that does not is costly, outdated and irrelevant.

We must help customers move past the hype and engage them in meaningful conversations about the value of on-premise vs. hosted vs. cloud offerings, and which one is right for them. The main focus of their competitive marketing against Microsoft is on Dynamics GP, that it is old technology and is only available on-premise (and therefore is much more expensive), and does not offer customers a single, integrated solution to help them manage their business.

I have just published a document on PartnerSource to help you combat these messages, and many more, to raise our level of successfully competing against them. One of the key aspects to this document is the questions to ask to customers considering NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics GP - giving you the upper-hand in winning more customers.

You can find the document here:,


Jay Manley