Convergence Customer Excellence Award Winner Price Transfer drives ROI through Dynamics GP Innovation.

Price Transfer needed to address the shortcomings of a legacy IT platform in a rapidly growing and changing business environment. The control of their business process was first automated in 1982 with a UNIX based front-office system for operations.   This was intended to last only five years.  A few years later a Sage product was deployed for financial accounting.  However, by 2001, the dramatic expansion of volume and Homeland security requirements revealed that a system created in 1982 could not accommodate current trade security regulations.

After an extended search for a front-end solution, in 2008 Price Transfer launched the project of modernizing their line of business platform.  The selection of the Silver Bullet Technologies solutions was contingent on the unique real time integration that Silver Bullet solutions provided with Dynamics GP.  The Price team found that they would no longer have to worry about inconsistencies between their operations and accounting platform.     With Dynamics GP and Silver Bullet, all information would be consistent across their applications.  Price could ultimately take full advantage of their leading edge financial management system from Microsoft.  All of the applications used Microsoft SQL Server on Microsoft Windows Servers and Terminal Server taking full advantage of Microsoft Office.

Price has been a true innovator in its industry.  It made a bet on Microsoft with a big investment and had a surprisingly fast return.  Its peers use a mix of homegrown and commercially available software often on the Unix platform.  As a result they have lost a significant amount of market share to Price Transfer in the last year (25%).  Price Transfer’s push toward innovation and replacing all of their platform and solutions with Microsoft Technology has actually lowered their cost of ownership and put them well on their way to becoming a $100 million dollar enterprise in the next 5 years.

Price Transfer realized all of the benefits targeted in the original ROI analysis.  The combined Microsoft/ ISV platform paid for themselves in less than 6 months.  In the past 12 months Price Transfer has taken share from the competition.  This increased volume has been absorbed without any additional resources confirming the scalability of the software platform.  Price has seen what innovation can do and they are addicted.  They have re-set the bar and are continuously building on what they have accomplished making it very obvious that they will never fall behind again.   Price Transfer is very proud of the sanity that was returned to the workplace and the pride it restored in their company.  Now, they can deliver on their promises and the customer doesn’t have to hear excuses.  Since they went live they haven’t once lost a customer to the competition.  Automated workflow has given the CSR’s the time to devote extra attention to their customers.  Managers, who used to work 80 hour weeks, now work 50 hour weeks.  Work has become more interesting and although volume is up, not a single person has been added to service that additional volume.

Congratulations Price Transfer on your Innovation Award!