Does anyone in Antarctica want to learn about Dynamics GP 2010?

Reposted from 5/17/2010

If so, please let us know. Why, you may ask? Because I think it would be GREAT if the GP team could cover ALL 7 continents with a Dynamics GP 2010 launch event, instead of just the 6 we have visited or will be visiting! :) Yes, you read that right. With the upcoming completion of our GP 2010 launch events, we will have visited 6 of the 7 continents around the world, meeting with our Partners, Customers, and even prospects to show them this great release!

Launch events started across North America back in March for Partners, and continue this month and beyond for many of our customers and prospects. In April, Ben Corwin and Pam Misialek visited our friends in Puerto Rico and Trinidad with the good news of Dynamics GP 2010 (off the list goes South America). Errol is in Europe right now doing a show in the UK, and later will be headed to Australia, while Ben and I have just completed a 3 city show in Asia and Africa visiting our passionate Partners in Dubai, Cairo, and Saudi Arabia!

The Partners in the Middle East were GREAT to work with and are definitely excited about the prospects of this new release. It’s always interesting to hear about the successes AND the challenges that our Partners face in different regions around the world. The passion the Partners here have for the product is obvious, and we were thrilled to be able to spend time helping them understand all of the great opportunities that GP 2010 will bring to their customers and their organization.

With the product officially out the door, of course that means we kick into HIGH gear for development of Dynamics GP “12”. So while we work on the next great release, please let me know if you can find a few people in Antarctica who could stand to learn a few things about Dynamics GP. :)