Dynamics GP Stories...we all have them or live them...

But has your story been captured?  What do I mean by that?

If you attended Convergence over the last few years, you'll notice that we often talk about our customers, and what successes they have had with Dynamics GP.  We're always interested in those stories, but often don't know how to find out about them or who to contact.  And we *WANT* to tell your story!  So, what are we looking for?


If you are a customer using Dynamics GP, especially if you're using Dynamics GP 2013, and you have an interesting story to tell about how Dynamics GP has benefitted your company, let us know!  Do you have an interesting story around your deployment of the new web client?  Or maybe there is a feature that has really saved you a lot of time already?  Or, maybe its the way that it works with so many other Microsoft products?  If you have something that you even think might be interesting, let us know!

If you are a partner and have implemented a customer on Dynamics GP, again, especially if they are on Dynamics GP 2013, and that customer has an interesting story, let us know!


We want to tell these stories to more people.  We want to improve others experiences with Dynamics GP through the learning of how others are taking advantage of the great functionality to really capture a quicker return on investment. 

What can YOU do to help?  Email us at mbsgp@microsoft.com and tell us your story. 

  • Why is your story interesting?  Tell us what the story is!
  • What benefits have you gotten from your Dynamics GP 2013 usage?
  • Who can we contact to help flush out the story further?  We would like a name, email, and if possible phone number of who we can contact to help build the story out.


Remember, only you can prevent forest fires...and bring us HOT stories!  Now lets hear from you!


Jay Manley