Feature of the Day: Action Step Workflow

Action Step Workflow

Why this feature is cool!

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 offers an “approval” workflow, which routes objects to various individuals for document approval based on user specified field values of the transaction in question. However, organizations typically have additional processes that they follow when creating a master record, such vendors, or when creating transactions, such as Purchase Orders or Quotes. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 includes the added ability to perform an “action step” workflow which helps users take action for a specific business process.

These business processes may require the routing of the record for an action that needs to take place before the record can be used or posted within the system. Often times these actions need to take place outside of Microsoft Dynamics GP. For example when setting up a new vendor, a user may need to perform a check with the Better Business Bureau. The action step feature allows for the creation of a workflow task that indicates to the user that they need to perform the check before the vendor can be used in the system. Action step workflow features include:

· Create a workflow that is customized to the organization’s process.

· Assign an activity to a user based on criteria of the record.

· Users can be notified of an activity that needs to be completed in Microsoft Office SharePoint (either Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server), Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

· Action tasks are flagged with “ACTION NEEDED” on all notifications.

· Users can mark the task as complete, reject the task, or delegate the activity to another user.

What does it look like?


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