Feature of the Day: E-mail


Module: System

Why this feature is cool!

This feature allows users to quickly and easily e-mail single documents, batches of documents, and/or multiple documents from a list within the system.  The user can select which documents they would like to send and also select which customers/vendors should receive their documents in e-mail.  This feature also integrates to the Microsoft Word forms feature shipping in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (coming in a later Feature of the Day update!).  Therefore, the user can send the customized Microsoft Word forms that they have created to their customers and vendors.

· Documents Supported:  Sales Quote, Sales Order, Sales Fulfillment Order, Sales Invoice, Receivables Invoice, Receivables Return, Receivables Debit Memo, Receivables Credit Memo, Receivables Finance Charges, Receivables Warranty, Receivables Service/Repair, Standard Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Order, Drop Ship Purchase Order, Drop Ship Blanket Purchase Order, Vendor Remittances

· Documents can be sent as either an HTML, XPS, PDF, or DOCX attachment

· Documents can be embedded into the body of the e-mail.

· Customized messages can be created for each document and customer/vendor combination.

· Multiple documents can be combined and sent in a single e-mail.

· Documents can be sent to a To, CC or BCC address.

· Can direct replies to a specific individual or address.

What does it look like?

Setup (Microsoft Dynamics GP | Tools | Setup | Company | E-mail Settings):


E-mail Detail Entry (the E-mail Detail Entry expansion off of Customer ID):


E-mailing from a List (Send in E-Mail button)