Feature of the Day: Integration of Service with Payroll

Integration of Service with Payroll

Module: Service Call Management and Depot Management

Why this feature is cool!

The new Service integration to Payroll benefits Payroll users as well as Service users!

  • Capture the employee’s actual cost on Service Labor
  • Create Payroll transactions from Labor entries in Service

This exciting feature allows you to map a technician to an employee and optionally utilize the employee’s paycode rates to populate the cost for Service Labor or Depot Labor transactions.  In addition, you can specify Service Work Types as ‘post to payroll’ and link them to existing paycodes in payroll.  Each of the labor types in Service can have a default work type (travel, standard, overtime, etc.), but these may be overridden at any labor posting line.  A new utility, “Post Service Labor to Payroll”,  will feed the labor entries captured on Service labor, Indirect labor, and Depot labor into a Payroll Transaction batch.   Details of the labor posting can be viewed and edited from expansion windows available from Service and Depot.

This feature is great for Techs because they will not be required to submit timesheets separately as their labor entries captured on Service calls can be fed directly into Payroll.  It’s beneficial for accounting personnel who have traditionally had to enter time in for technicians for payroll purposes.

What does it look like?


Tools > Utilities > Project > Service Utilities > Post Labor To Payroll