Feature of the Day: Personnel Maintenance Workflow

Personnel Maintenance Workflow

Module: Payroll

Why this feature is cool!

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, a Personnel Maintenance workflow is available which helps a business institute controls around employee data.  The workflow submit process has been added to Payroll Personnel Maintenance.  You can configure the employee record to require workflow for sensitive employee data.  

Now, for example, if an employee’s supervisor is changed, a workflow event is triggered and the change will be routed through the Personnel Maintenance workflow.

  • Onboard tasks are displayed in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Outlook and SharePoint.
  • The edited employee can be routed to one or more people for approval or to complete an actionable task.
  • The conditions in which an edited employee can be routed can be specific to each business. 
  • If users are out of office, their approval tasks can be automatically routed to another user to act on their behalf.
  • The workflow history of an edited employee is consolidated and easily visible within Dynamics GP or SharePoint.
  • When an edited employee is approved, the person submitting the edited employee (an originator) will receive a notification that the employee has been approved.
  • If a user does not take action on their task, there are various options for escalating the edited employee for approval.

What does it look like?

Employee Maintenance window (Cards > Payroll > Employee)