Feature of the Day: Shipping

In the software business it's a complicated process to decide what features go into a release since you can't add everything you want to.  In every release program we need to make decisions to round down the list.

Many years ago, I was told that shipping is a feature.  Getting the product out the door so people can start using it to get more value is a feature in itself. 

Today, I post the final Feature of the Day for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.  The development team has released the product to manufacturing.  It is code complete and tested.  This is a huge step in our launch to makethe product generally available December 19th.

Our development team is busy celebrating this historic accomplishment.  We will remember this release for a long time.  The entire team is signing this banner and we will post it on the Fargo campus with pride.

Here is a picture of a few of our developers at the launch party! 


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this epic release!


GP2013 FOD Release.pptx