GP 12 Web Client Architecture

For those of you that missed the final piece in Mariano’s 3-part Web Client Architecture, he’s finally completed his “masterpiece”. It helps tie the rest of what was covered in the first two sections together to give you a good idea on what we’re thinking about.

One part of it that I think was underplayed a bit is the “Customized Templates”, and this isn’t Mariano’s fault, but something that I wanted to get ISVs to start thinking about. This is your interface to individual forms, and your potential method for changing the way that they appear. This could be a very exciting opportunity as well to put in templates for your ISV product that really make it stand out in its look and feel when customers see the rendering of your pages on the web.

More on that in the future, but just wanted to whet your appetite.

Jay Manley (Not even registering on anyone’s popularity or influence measurements – confused, see Mariano’s other blog).