Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Feature of the Day: Add Unified Communications Functionality in Extender

Why this feature is cool!

In GP2010, Unified Communications and Office Communicator 2007 functionality was added to the Dynamics GP windows to show the status of contacts and allow you to contact them directly through Office Communicator or make a phone call.

· Display Presence Indicator for customers and vendors

· Uses the Linked Lookup fields on Extender Windows & Forms, Detailed Forms, and Extra Windows.

· Messenger address is entered for a contact associated with a customer or vendor address

· Actions will allow you to:

o Send an Instant Message

o Call

o Start a Video Call

o Send an Email Message

· Communicate with different messaging applications

o Office Communicator

o Live Messenger

o Yahoo Messenger and others

What does it look like?

And now we are finally caught up :)