Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 RTM Technical Demonstration Toolkit

Say goodbye to the Beta, say hello to the R2 RTM technical demonstration toolkit.

Now, this blog will be a bit longer than usual. The first point below is some info on future direction, then below that, information on what we delivered in this release.

First - This is absolutely, positively, without any further ado, the last 32-bit VPC that we'll ship for Microsoft Dynamics GP. In fact, we're likely the last 32-bit VPC image across all of Microsoft that will be shipped. Got your attention? Ok. So, it's NOT the last image ever, just the last 32-bit image. We will be delivering, moving forward, 64-bit Hyper-V images. Some of you have already been asking about Hyper-V images, and we'll try to get you one for the R2 RTM image right away, and then moving forward, expect that as our usual delivery method. We'll also be publishing a guide on system setup.

Next - What did we deliver in this release?


  • GP 2010 R2 RTM, Business Portal, Workflow, SRS/Excel Reports, Web Services
  • Management Reporter 2.0 SP1
  • Forecaster 7 SP3-CU5


  • Management Reporter – Multi-currency databases and reporting
  • New databases CES- (Contoso Entertainment Systems), USD,CDA,TWO-A
  • Added TWO-A (copy of TWO company) for Multi-company SRS Reporting
  • SQL Native Mode install for Dynamics GP 2010 R2 HomePage Reports
  • Setup AP Batch Approval Workflow
  • Added Sales Territory “maps” reports to Dashboards


  • Multi-company SRS Reporting for TWO and TWO-A
  • Added link to Report Builder 3.0 in Program Files
  • Two new Extend the Reach demos – Light User Vision Demos
  • “Simple” Employee Expense Management example using Excel 2010 and Document Information Panels and driving approval thru SharePoint Designer Workflow and creating an AP Invoice in Dynamics GP 2010 R2 thru Web Services – Demomate Coming
  • Email based workflow approval “Lazy approval” thru SharePoint Designer Workflow completing tasks in Dynamics GP 2010 R2 Purchase Order thru Workflow Web Services - Demomate Coming


  • Word Forms Developer tab render on Dynamics GP 2010 R2 login as Phyllis
  • Added SQL Analytics Setting to cube builder in Dynamics GP 2010 R2
  • Enabled Default PO in Purchase Order Screen in Dynamics GP 2010 R2

We worked hard to really give you a meaningful R2 RTM image, and I hope that you find this very valuable.