Microsoft Dynamics GP Hyper-V Databases

Shortly, the image set for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Hyper-V image will be released.  In the past, this has typically meant that we have shipped with just a couple of databases – mainly “TWO” and “CES”.  With this image, we are releasing it with many more databases than past releases.

These databases are included “as is” and while I cannot say that you’ll get a use out of all of them, I’m hoping that you’ll be able to build more industry-based focused demos with at least one of them.

  • “TWO” and “TWO-A” will be back in this image – TWO-A is a copy of TWO.
  • “CES” – The consumer electronics dataset is also back.
  • “USD” and “CAD” – These might be useful for multicurrency applications.
  • “FF” and “FM” – These are public sector databases and can be used nicely in that vertical.
  • “PHONES”, “BIKES”, and “SUBS” – All of these again are from industry DVDs that were sent out in the time of Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0, and should add value in vertical industry demos.

I will be packaging some of the demo scripts and powerpoints that were shipped on the DVDs originally.  While they will not be perfect, and we are not updating them from Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0, they should help you with building your own demo scripts on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

Very soon, the image set will ship.  We hope that it’ll bring many successful sales and deep demo experiences!