Real Demo Data Needed - Can Your Company Help?

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Marketing Team is looking for a customer that would allow us to use their data as a future Demo Data set. Now, we’re looking for some items that are pretty specific so that we can more
easily “genericize” their data (make it so that there is no personal/corporate data that would be from their existing system), so it’s a challenging search, but if we find the right customer, we’ll give them one free pass to Convergence 2013 in New Orleans in March!

So, what are we looking for?

  • We are looking for a smaller company – 1-10 users preferred.  20 users maximum.
  • We’re looking for a company that focuses on both service and sales of items.  Maybe a small consulting firm that also sells software?  That’d be ideal, but could be another type of consulting or sales (small store) as well.
  • We’re hoping to have a low quantity of inventory items, because of the trouble in converting them.  Prefer 20 part numbers minimum, but under 100 part numbers, but would consider up to 500 part numbers.
  • It’d also be helpful to have a low number of vendors and customers.  I’m more open to the maximums, but we’d want at least 20 vendors and customers.  Would prefer under 100 of them (each).
  • Need at least two full years of data, would prefer 30 months (2 ½ years) of data.

Again, we will strip the data of identifiable information and put in our own part numbers, vendors, customers, descriptions, etc.  It’s really the transactional data that I need – real data that will help make our BI story “pop” during demos.  Prefer a growing company, if we can find one.

What I’d like to get back from anyone interested:


  • Name of Company
  • Contact Info (email / phone)
  • Company’s Industry and Description of Business
  • # of Part Numbers
  • # of Vendors
  • # of Customers
  • Months of data
  • # of GP Users


What we’ll give you?  A free pass to Convergence!

Please fill out the above information request and email me directly at

Thanks much!

Jay Manley – Sr. Marketing Manager