Real-life benefits of using the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology…

In the past I’ve blogged a few times about various case studies that highlight how our Customers have benefited from implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Today I wanted to take a slightly different approach and talk about a new case study that focuses on how a Partner has benefited from using the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, in this case our Microsoft Dynamics Partner “BMA Software.”  You can read the full case study here, so I’ll just pull out a few key points that resonated with me.

BMA Software has taken a deep industry focus on wholesale durable-goods distributors, and wanted a way to help improve their implementation processes with the goal of delivering more satisfied customers and faster deployments. They turned to the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology, incorporated their own industry-focused processes into the methodology, and have found some amazing benefits along the way. 

  • More satisfied customers: BMA cites the use of the Sure Step methodology as something their clients and prospects see tremendous value in, providing them a level of credibility that other competitors do not have. Setting reasonable expectations with the customers of what the implementation process looks like along with clear definitions of roles and responsibilities of both the Partner and the Customer has lead to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Faster implementation times: By using a repeatable and proven implementation methodology, BMA Software is able to significantly reduce the implementation time of their projects.  My favorite quote from the case study comes from the CEO of BMA Software, Michael Hollingsworth: “With a clear scope of work and step-by-step plan, our projects are able to move forward faster, and we can promise a complete implementation in about half the time of our competitors.”
  • More work with the same resources: BMA has already completed 7 projects using the Sure Step methodology framework, and has another 25 projects in the works. They tout their ability to perform more work with the same number of resources…an outcome any Partner could appreciate!

I blogged about a month ago when the latest release of Sure Step hit the street.  If you are a Microsoft Dynamics Partner who hasn’t checked out Sure Step yet, I highly encourage you to do so.  The benefits BMA Software has realized could be yours!