Reason of the Day to attend GP Technical Airlift #10

I've been asked more than I like to hear "how can I convince my management to let me go?"  The consultant and/or developer sees and understands the benefit to attending the Dynamics GP Technical Airlift, but their management does not.

First, you probably want to gently remind them that if they want you to know how best to position, sell, and implement Dynamics GP, there is no better source of information than direct from Microsoft!

Next, think about what you can get out of it for them.  Is there a developer that you really need to talk to regarding the web client or SSRS or Business Analyzer?  You'll have the opportunity to talk directly with the team that wrote that specific functionality and pick their minds.

How about hosting?  Are they interested in getting into that?  With our Dynamics GP on Azure session, our Multitenancy sessions, and our web client sessions, you'll learn all the tricks to get your partner up and running as one of our hosters!  This could open up new, profitable options to your partner, as a hosting provider of Dynamics GP.

What about Office 365?  Do you have plans around a combined Dynamics GP/Office 365 offering?  If not, why not?  You need to come to our session on this and learn why this will be important to the success of your business.  It could be one of the more profitable things that you do in 2014!

And finally, you'll get the chance to mingle not only with Development, but also our top-notch Support team, or Product Management team, and many of the other Fargo-based teams.  This is their opportunity to send someone to Fargo to really win at business development for the rest of 2103 and all of 2014. 


Come to have fun, come to learn, just come to Fargo!

Are you signed up?
YES?  Great!  We'll see you here!!

No?  What are you waiting for!!  Get signed up NOW!  And get your co-workers signed up for the other tracks!


Jay Manley