Top Tip: CFMD and Demo Data Requirements

Demonstration data is useful for many purposes, such as ales demonstrations, training, and application testing. Therefore, each ISV is required to deliver at least one demonstration company with their application or integrate their data with the current Microsoft Dynamics GP demonstration company. Microsoft recognizes that some data centers do not permit installation of demonstration data on production servers and for some ISV applications it does not give customers added value to have demo data. For this reason, you can deliver demonstration data as part of the main installation or as a separate installation (for example, virtual PC [VPC]). You must supply instructions that describe how to add the demonstration data to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Short answer:

- Data needs to be provided for certification.

- It's strongly recommended to provide that data to partners and customers since you had to create it anyway.

- You can have it as a separate installation so they don't have to load it.