Updated: Important Announcement for all Extender Customers and Partners


Customers who Own Extender for Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Recently, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender will be transitioned back to eOne Solutions, the product developer.  If you are current on an Extender maintenance plan when Microsoft Dynamics GP becomes generally available in December you will have rights to the 2013 version of Extender.  You will need to go to the eOne Solutions website, www.eonesolutions.com , to get the software and new registration keys when you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 or products in the future.

Because Microsoft takes privacy very seriously, our privacy standards do not allow us to share your information with eOne without consent.  To make this shift as easy as possible, if you would like us to share with them your business information including company name, address, phone number and maintenance information, you will need to opt in.  We will not share any individual employee names or contact information.

If you prefer to not opt in you will not receive immediate access to service packs, hot fixes and new releases of Extender including Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. If you do not Opt in, you can make contact with your partner who will be able to make contact with Microsoft and eOne on your behalf.  In addition you may contact eOne directly by emailing extender@eonesolutions.com.  

 Click Here to Opt In with a Secure Website. http://gpoptin.azurewebsites.net


 Partners who have customers who own Extender:

 Recently, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Dynamics GP Extender will be transitioned back to eOne Solutions, the product developer.  Existing customers who own Extender and are current on the their maintenance plan when GP 2013 becomes generally available in December will have rights to the 2013 version of Extender as well
as hot fixes, service packs and releases for previous versions of Extender. Click Here to read the announcement and FAQ.

Because of our privacy standards, Microsoft is unable to share customer details with eOne without consent.  In order to make this transition as easy as possible, partners can opt in on their customers’ behalf to have their customer information shared with eOne.

 The only information passed to eOne will be as follows, which will allow eOne to ensure no disruption for the customer during this

  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Company Phone Number
  • Company Microsoft Account Number
  • Microsoft Dynamics Product Line
  • Business Ready Enhancement Plan Information
    (List Price andExpiration Date)

It is important to complete this opt in step to ensure continuity in regards to maintenance notifications and payments which will provide  access to service packs, hot fixes and new product releases.   In order to opt in, you need the account numbers of the customer and the ISV product ID, which is 5575.  You can get the account number from VOICE.  Click Here to opt in on a specific customer’s behalf:  http://gpoptin.azurewebsites.net

If you would like to opt in for all of your customers in bulk email mbsgp@microsoft.com and take care of it for you.

 eOne also sells through a partner channel, and many of you will already be partners of eOne.  If you are not an eOne reselling partner you need to sign up as soon as possible. (Sign up as an eOne partner here.)  eOne is currently running an amnesty offer where any existing reseller can sign up through April 2013 without paying the $2,000 sign on fee.  (See attached reseller agreement.)  eOne will also be holding a number of webinars over the coming months which will discuss the transition process and answer any questions you may have.

 If you have any questions about this change, please email mbsgp@microsoft.com