We've got our head in the clouds...

I hope our readers don't interpret the recent quietness on this blog as a sign that things have slowed down in Microsoft Dynamics GP land! After closing out a FANTASTIC FY10 in June, then spending a great week in July with our Partners at WPC, we've been hard at work on a number of new initiatives and projects that will lead to some exciting announcements later in FY11 (with some much needed PTO mixed in there for good measure!). 

For those Partners who joined us at WPC, you know that "The Cloud" was a major focus for the entire conference.  It is no secret that for manyyears now, our Partners and Service Providers have been offering hosted versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, with Microsoft's intense focus on the cloud, we are seeing more and more Partners, ISV's, and Hosting Providers get interested in learning about what it takes to host Microsoft Dynamics GP. While many organizations have teamed up with some of our great Hosting Providers already doing this, there are always those who want to consider building their own practice and need answers to how this can be technically achieved. I'm happy to report we have a brand new resource to provide those answers and more! The Microsoft Dynamics GP Hosting Guide is available on PartnerSource, and helps organizations navigate how to plan, build, and deploy a hosting service for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It's a great resource that we hope you will find helpful!

That's it for now...and I promise we'll get back on a regular blogging rhythm soon!