Yummy! Yummy! Dynamics GP RapidStart Puts Blackberries in My Tummy

For those of you not aware, RapidStart is all-new with this release of Dynamics GP 2013.  It's no longer the product it had been, it's all new and works like you do.  It has some great new features, like allowing you to save configurations after you have created them, allowing you to build a library of configurations, saving you a ton of time later.

And the story isn't only about partners - customers are benefitting as well.  We have customers now using the tool to roll out additional companies in their system, and they are seeing an 80% reduction in the time that it takes to configure a new company.

RapidStart Configuration allows you to save the work in-process, and complete sections as you get the information in - just the way a consultant works.  And RapidStart Migration allows you to bring in data from QuickBooks, Peachtree or from a specially formatted Excel spreadsheet that we provide.

What is really exciting is customers are now demanding that partners use this exciting tool so that they can put the hours where they are of higher value - Reporting, Business Intelligence, and other ERP tweaks that add much more value than configurations.

So, how does that get us to blackberries?  You have to read Gloria's blog to find out!



Jay Manley