Treasure hunt in Virtual 3D World Maps ??

After listening to the Windows Live keynote demonstrating the 3D World Maps (where we can roam in the virtual cities on the earth) I started dreaming about playing treasure hunts in that virtual earth online with other virtual earth visitors.

How about hide and seek in virtual new-york or virtual London?? With all those 3D buildings coming to live with virtual maps, we can now bring Sherlock Holmes to live.........

We can post the popular murder mysteries (with all the clues) onto the virtual map and ask our virtual map visitors to solve them !!

Or we can bury the treasure somewhere in a cemetry and ask the vistors to be the Good, bad and Ugly... 

Imagine walking in virtual London alone in dark (add stormy weather with some lightnings and clouds to get Universal studios effect)........That's when I wokeup from my dream shreaking with horror !! 


PS: How about a virtual earth that displays the earth as it "was" some time back?    I would like to wander in a virtual map that portrays the Medieval times of Baskervilles from the Name of The Rose

In fact if we keep saving all the current images of the virtual earth as and when they get updated with new satellite images, we can make this temporal visits a possiblity atleast from now on.  Easy isn't it ;)