The data center next door...

This week, Microsoft executive Debra Chrapaty visited our site in Dublin. We got a chance to sit with her and get her feedback on the great work we're doing for adCenter and Windows Live Mobile.

However, Debra's main purpose for visiting Dublin was not for our group (although we do like to think that J). In fact, she was here to open up Microsoft's new European data center, one of the cornerstones of Microsoft's global online presence and the first outside the US. When completed in May 2009, the data center will occupy 51,000 square meters, and Microsoft will spend €350 million to build it. One interesting aspect of the data center is that by using air cooling, it will be 50% more energy efficient than similarly-sized facilities.

Read more in the Irish Times article, and look for an upcoming guest post on our blog from Debra!