Day 3

Well after 2 days, I've setup 2 new machines (one for email and one for development/building/debugging), built the runtime, installed it, and stepped through some code in the debugger.

Can I just say that our new debugger and remote debugging components have gotten significantly better.  For the longest time I've occasionally had to resort to using WinDbg to debug stuff simply because VS wouldn't let me do what I wanted.  This was especially true when debugging mini-dumps or when debugging anything 64-bit.

Well since I was installing most stuff from scratch I felt obliged to at least install the new IDE.  When I first started debugging in WinDbg (on an IA64), it was much more annoying than usual.  It might have been that we do have some optimizations turned on, and that basically means stepping is just horrendous.  Anyway, I thought I'd give the VS debugger a chance to see if it could do any better.

The stepping wasn't any better, but the GUI is a lot nicer.  So for now my debugger of choice will be VS (at least until I need to do something it can't or won't let me do).