DAISY Translator Released!

The Open XML to DAISY Translator is available in release form now. You can download the tool and install it for yourself. It really is great to see this come to fruition. We are grateful for our partnership with DAISY, they have been very helpful in educating us on the best ways to support users with specific disabilities. They have been enthusiastic, supportive and very encouraging of our efforts, and we hope to continue our partnership with DAISY in the future. Our commitment to interoperability and to users with disabilities is real, and we putting weight behind the promise with actions. While a lot of folks are left to do the talking on the issue, the presence of this tool is another of many opportunities we have to demonstrate actions that support our commitments to interoperability.

When you install the translator, you are also presented with Authoring Guidelines for DAISY. This is a very useful feature to assist folks in understanding some of the aspects of authoring accessible content. There is a fair bit of documentation included on what is supported in the tool as well. I will leave it to you to test the tool...

DAISY Authoring Guidelines

I want to also thank Sonata for their continued assistance on this translator and other Open XML related activities. Sonata has been very active with DAISY and Microsoft in moving the accessibility cause forward.



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