AGPM: Install the right version, backup and restore the archive, and learn more

There is new content lurking in the Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) TechNet Library. Stop by for information about everything from choosing which version to install to how to back up and restore the archive.

What’s new and choosing which version to install

To support a broader range of operating systems, both AGPM 3.0 and AGPM 2.5 are available on recent Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) discs. To help you determine which version will best meet your needs, we now have articles about choosing which version of AGPM to install and what’s new in AGPM 3.0.

Additions to the Operations Guide

We have added new content to the Operations Guide for AGPM 3.0 and improved the organization of the “Performing AGPM Administrator Tasks” section. Highlights include:

· Best Practices for Version Control

· Checklist: Administer the AGPM Server and Archive

· Back Up the Archive

· Restore the Archive from a Backup

· Move the AGPM Server and the Archive

· Creating a Template and Setting a Default Template

Docs for download and links to Group Policy info

We have added a Resources for AGPM page to the TechNet Library. From this page, you have easy access to downloadable documents such as the Advanced Group Policy Management Overview and the Planning Guide for Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management, as well as links to Group Policy resources.

Linda Moore
Technical Writer, Group Policy