Desktop Standard and Microsoft

I'm guessing many Group Policy administrators already know this (it's been two whole days since this was announced!!) but just in case...

The Group Policy team at Microsoft is very excited about the recent announcement of acquisition of Desktop Standard, a successful ISV serving the needs of those involved with Group Policy. We're in the midst of reviewing just how and when Desktop Standard products will be integrated but, for now, you'll find good information on the DesktopStandard Transition and Support page. Here's a snippet that describes the scope of this:

With this acquisition, Microsoft is acquiring GPOVault®, ProfileMaker®, Dragnet™, PolicyMaker™ Standard Edition, Registry Extension, Share Manager and Software Update. These products integrate with and extend Microsoft’s existing Group Policy management tools. The acquisition includes DesktopStandard intellectual property, facilities, contracts, and customer base. Microsoft is not acquiring the PolicyMaker™ Application Security business.

Mark Williams
Program Manager, Group Policy