TechNet Magazine: Derek Melber on Group Policy Preferences

Every now and then, as Program Manager’s for the Group Policy team, they let us out of out building to go and speak to customers and chat to them about their issues and problems. Often customer begin by outlining their pain and iterating a problem that's been bugging them. They will say stuff to us like:

“Wouldn’t it be good if you had the ability to map drives rather than do a logon script”

“Wouldn't it be good if you could control the “Local Users and Groups””?

Wouldn’t it be good if you could target stuff to specific functions of the OS and User/Group membership without learning WMI?”

See the the thing is you can! Group Policy Preferences has been out for some time now….its just that people don’t know about it!

Derek Melber, one of our MVP’s, has written an awesome article on GPP and how to implement it. Take the time to read it if you don't know about it.