Outlook 2013 and NoReplyAll

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, the Office 2013 Preview is now available. I've given my NoReplyAll Add-In a spin and it broadly seems to function as desired - three areas that need a bit of work are:

  • It seems that Outlook 2013 includes a missing attachment detector (I've not come across any details about how it works and if it's configurable but, then again, I've not looked very hard yet), so it's a bit silly that my add-in also checks. The next version of the add-in will disable my check when loaded in the newer Outlook.
  • Outlook 2013 includes a convenient "inline response" mechanism (there's a mention of it towards the end of the What's new for Office 2013 developers page) - when you reply to a message displayed in the preview pane, the reply appears there instead of in a separate inspector window. However, the add-in as it stands then has no means of specifying the reply-all, etc. states: there isn't a compose window and the main explorer window's ribbon displays the state of the message you're replying to rather than of the reply. I'll need to do a bit of head scratching to address this.
  • When you hover over the NoReplyAll tab on the ribbon, there's a popup which includes a pointer to more information about the add-in - however, that seems to send you to Office help rather than anything actually about the add-in, so I'll have to work out how to configure it to go somewhere more relevant.

Apart from those, everything else seems to do the right thing. If you happen to spot any problems with the add-in, please do let me know, either here or on the feedback forum.