TechEd: Developers - SQL Server - First list of draft sessions

Ok, so here's a first draft of some of the SQL Server sessions that we are planning for TechEd: Developers 2006

Disclaimer: No commitmens, no guarantees, but I'd love your feedback on this :-)

  • SQL Server Error Handling: T-SQL, SQLCLR and Clients
  • Managing Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data: BLOBs, XML and FTS in SQL Server 2005
  • The Query Governor: SQL CLR in Action
  • XQuery Deep Dive: How to Write and Optimize Your Xquery
  • Implementing SQL Express 2005
  • SQL Querying Tips and Techniques
  • Building Reliable Service Applications with SQL Server 2005 and Service Broker
  • Implementing the Service-Oriented Database Architecture with SQL Server
  • Understanding Interactions of SQL Server 2005 Transactions, Batches, Nested Procedures, MARS, and SQLCLR
  • SQL Server 2005 Cache Sync/Query Notifications in Depth
  • SQL Server 2005 Plan Guides and Plan Forcing

I'd really appreciate your first reactions, thoughts,... Note that we will be adding an additional set of sessions (approx 20 in total) purely dedicated to the SQL Server developer, so check my blog and the TechEd 2006 Europe web site.

Does this respond & meet your SQL Server developer needs? If there is something missing, let us know, if there is too much or too little content on a particular product or technology, again let us know. At this stage we can and will make changes based on your comments.

Thanks !
Guntherb ( guntherb at microsoft dot com )