CSBlogger 1.1 is released!

Available now here. I am little bit surprised that CSBlogger didn't get much attention as its .Text cousin SimpleBlogger had. So I decide to list a few reasons why you should consider using CSBlogger  as your Community Server blog editor:


1) It provides features that are standard in Microsoft Office application, but not available in most blog clients, including: format painter, undo/redo, spell checker, auto-correction, etc.;

2) It has full offline support, which means you can blog on the go;

3) It has the nice look and feel of web pages, and good user experience of standalone windows application. Personally I think it is pretty cool. Take a look at screenshots, and see whether you disagree with me.

4) The "Insert Picture" and "Paste Html" issue in SimpleBlogger has been workaround in the latest release;

5) Oh, the new release allows you specify a signature for your blogs, like the one you see at the end of this post;



Ok, better stop now. Also stopped should be updates on CSBlogger releases. Now that everything I want it to do is in place, I think I can get some rest now. But, if you find any bugs, please let me know.

Have a nice day and thanks for listening to me murmuring!