The BPT team is hiring...

If you want to make a difference to a lot of people—users and developers alike—working on a product with many millions of users is a great place to start. The Browser Programmability and Tools team is building a new, faster, more scalable, modern JavaScript runtime for Internet Explorer. We’re also responsible for defining and shipping the entirety of the HTML5/JavaScript toolset and developer experience. With the rise of HTML5, the importance of these tools and the JavaScript runtime will only increase. 

Our team’s charter includes:

  • Developing a fast, standards-compliant JavaScript runtime
  • Creating great HTML5 and JavaScript development tools for Visual Studio
  • Building the “F12” developer tools that ship in Internet Explorer

We are seeking innovative and experienced developers, program managers, and testers. Feel free to look through the job descriptions linked to below and submit your resume for any you're interested in pursuing:

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!