Wanna join the C# team?

We've got a few positions open on the Visual C# QA team and we're looking far and wide to find the right folks to fill them. If you're interested and feel you have the passion and skills we're looking for then I really hope we'll be hearing from you soon. You can read more about the openings and submit your resume via this site

The feature teams that make up the Visual C# QA group are the Debugger (for all of VS, not just C#), IDE (who own features like Intellisense and refactoring for C#), and compiler teams. The kind of work we do varies a bit from team to team but it mostly consists of developing test suites (which pretty much means lots of C# coding) and tools. The tools part might be a bit unclear but it includes all kinds of projects: tools that generate tests, automation framework code, stress/performance analysis, and all kinds of other types. Qualifications-wise, we're looking for folks with strong technical skills (coding, debugging, design), a strong aptitude for testing (which doesn't mean you have to have actual testing experience), problem-solving skills, and most importantly, a hardcore passion and drive to build the best possible development environment for C# developers. 

If you've got questions about the openings that aren't answered in the job descriptions, I'd love to try to help you get it all straight, so feel free to contact me via the "Contact" page. If you do decide to give it a shot though, please make sure you submit your resume via the jobs site though as that's definitely the way to make it happen.

The C# development and program management team also have some openings.  If you think you're a better fit for those roles, you can find all currently open positions on our team via this page.