Quick steps for Creating a Pull request for code review in VSO Git

Getting code reviewed in VSO Git is considerably different that VSTF where it was as simple as right click on your changes and request for review. There is currently no option in the Visualstudio to directly send code for review with Git repositories.

Developers new to Git often find this as a stumbling block and have a bit of learning curve. This post will help in getting quickly up to speed without having to dig deep to find the end to end process.

Below are the steps to perform a Git code review. (assumptions: you know how to get to the portal of your git repository)

  1. Create a topic branch from the master and publish the branch.

  2. Make your necessary code changes in your topic branch

  3. Commit your changes to your topic branch (this could be done multiple times)

  4. When you are ready to get your work reviewed, from the web portal, create a pull request

  5. Select your topic branch as the source and the branch you want to merge into as the target branch.

  6. Specify the title, description, and assign reviewers.  (Reviewers can be a team name), after submitting for review, click on email on the left hand menu to notify the reviewers).

  7. Reviewers make comments on specific lines of code. To target a specific block of code, highlight it before inserting the comment.

  8. To act on the feedback,the requestor revises the code on their dev machine and pushes the changes so that reviewers can see them

  9. Each reviewer approves or rejects the pull request.

  10. When the requestor and the reviewers are satisfied that the pull request is ready to merge, perform the merge from the portal.

  11. After the merge, the master branch is updated with the changes from the topic branch

  12. You can reuse the topic branch for future requests.

Hopefully this will help you quickly get an overview of the steps involved in a VSO Git code review process.

For full details refer to the blog