Anniversary of devBiz acquisition

Today marks the first anniversary of Microsoft's acquisition of devBiz - a small software company I've founded with Ahmet Akkas many years ago.

Since Ahmet, Serkan and I have joined Microsoft a year ago, we all have been working on Team System Web Access to make it a better Web front end for Team Foundation Server.

When I look back, I see that we have accomplished a lot of things, including many Web Access releases:

  • 04/05/2007 - TeamPlain 2.0 CTP (devBiz branding)
  • 07/30/2007 - TSWA 2005 ENU RTW
  • 09/21/2007 - TSWA 2008 ENU CTP
  • 11/30/2007 - TSWA 2008 ENU RTW
  • 02/06/2007 - TSWA 2008 in 8 more languages (JPN, CHS, CHT, KOR, DEU, FRA, ESN, ITA)
  • Coming Soon - TSWA 2008 SP1 CTP
  • Coming Soon - TFS Bug Submission Portal CTP

So far, being a part of TFS team have been a great experience for all of us; and we are looking forward to delivering more great stuff to our customers!

Happy anniversaries to the TSWA team :)