Web Access Community Translations Release 1.0

For a while, we've been working on an experimental project to get Team System Web Access translated to languages other than the official ones. We wanted to create a platform for volunteers to contribute to translation efforts, so that we could release packs of translations as we made progress.

Well, recently the very first release of the TSWA Community Translations is published as announced by Marcel de Vries and Brian Harry:


Big kudos to Marcel de Vries, one of our MVPs, both for doing the Dutch translation and also for coordinating the volunteers that worked on the translations, and of course, to our volunters that managed to finish the translations in relatively short time. Being from Turkey myself, one of the languages I really wanted to get in the first release was Turkish, so my personal thanks go to our Turkish MVPs Cengiz, Coskun and Okan for volunteering to work on the Turkish translation.

In the first release, we have 7 new languages:

  • Croatian, done by Ognjen Bajic
  • Portuguese (Brazilian), done by Igor Abade and Ramon Durães.
  • Turkish, done by Cengiz Han, Coskun Sunali and Okan Tekeli
  • Danish , done by Gert Christiansen
  • Swedish, by Mathias Olausson
  • Polish, by Marek Byszewski
  • Dutch, by Marcel de Vries

Combined with English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Russian , Team System Web Access is available in 17 languages in total!


How can I download the language packs?

Go to TSWAL project releases at CodePlex and you'll see the list of published translations. A release will likely contain multiple languages.


How can I help?

Contact myself or Marcel and we'll get you started. There are various ways you can help, such as adding a new language translation, validating an existing translation and improving it.