Beta Experience: Call for content

We are running a Beta Experience Campaign on Vista and Office 12. You can register ( and then you will get notification when Beta 2 of the products comes available and a 6 weekly newsletter containing technical content for developers interested in Office 12 and WinFx.

One of the things I wanted to do was to put a face on the product teams. A bit like what Channel 9 does. So I arranged two interviews with Corporate VP's from the Office team. Dave Webster in over in Redmond interviewing Richard McAniff and Antoine Leblond. Richard owns Excel Server, Excel and Access while Antoine focusses on common UI (Ribbon, etc...) and the new file format. If you're interested in hearing a 15 minute talk with these people about the why's and how's, then go ahead and register. Alhough mostof the content will be technical I was really eager to add this type of content too. If you like or really dislike the idea, please let me know.

If you feel you've got great content (code, article, small video) to share with tens of thousands of people, feel free to contact me.