Da mashup code

I've been waaaaay to quiet on this blog. My last post dates from the 6th of December 2006. Aaaargh!

In the mean time I've been taking a break, playing with Google Sketchup, Second Life (which I assume will get married one day - as mentioned here) and also I've been spending an bit of my free time playing Gears of War (I'm still no good).

I'm making an end to my silence as I've decided to start digging into creating mash-ups. Obviously I'll be focussing on Live Services which I hope to use to create some experiences around some of my favourite topics. My main objective is to learn and share so I will document the things I learn on this blog in my posts which I will also try to display (eventually) on my mashed up site.

This is my playground: http://www.damashupcode.net/ (not much to see yet as I've just started building)