Marketeer of the Year 2006: Robert Scobe

My blog is still here ( but since there's no use rewarding people if they never find out about it, I thought b-posting here too. Happy holidays!

End of the year is here and it's about time I start my charts.   First one to get rewarded is Robert Scoble. In my opinion, he is Microsoft's uber-Marketeer. And I don't mean that in a negative way. Not at all.   Robert has become a real celebraty travelling around the world talking to employees from Microsoft's friends and foes. He's been having Geekdinners with anywhere between 10 and 200 people attending and very very often you hear signals that Microsoft's image improves even with those people who really dislike Microsoft. Scobles blog is far from classical marketing. It's a mix of corporate and ego marketing and the balance is very fine.   I also would like to suggets a new verb to indicate exercising this type of blogging. 'To Scoble'.   I like to think that I'm scobling myself with this blog although I'm not nearly as talented at it and dedicated to it as Mr. Scoble himself.   Congrats Robert you won my first award of 2006.