The Identity Developer Training Kit

Many of the ISV’s I meet operate in a 'best of breed’ vertical where customers mix and match solutions from different vendors. This brings very clear challenges to the table. How does your solution integrate best with other solutions and also how do you manage identities in this heterogeneous environments.

Here’s a toolkit to train yourself or you developers on some this latter issue of identity management.

The Identity Developer Training Kit is a set of hands-on labs and resources designed to help developers to take advantage of Microsoft’s identity products and services. Being designed for developers, the kit focuses on the Geneva Framework: however it also gives guidance on how to take advantage of Geneva Server, Windows Live ID, the Microsoft Federation Gateway and the .NET Access Control Service (which is featured in a renewed and expanded lab). Most of the tasks are demonstrated both for ASP.NET web applications and for WCF services. We went to great lengths for eliminating as much as possible the friction that is traditionally associated with security samples, by providing configuration scripts and tools which automate many of the setup steps.

I’m really glad to see this type of content being produced as I know it addresses some of the key issues Belgian ISV’s are facing.