Vista is buzzy...

A good friend, Els Putzeys, started bloging, about Vista and Longhorn server. She seems to be taking it seriously and the blog is definately worth talking a look at for all IT Pros (I've been reading about things I never heard of). I was trying to get her to blog for a while already and I'm glad she finally took to it.

Actually, with Vista Beta 2 on the street, the buzz is picking up all over the place... See Vista is nice but seeing and working with the real thing is better. It's alarming and encouraging at the same time that apparently so many people are dowloading the beta 2 bits that it is become the biggest software download ever.

In any case, you can order the DVD which for the majority of people in the region I work for (EMEA) would be the prefered method to get it anyway since it's difficult to chose between unbearably slow and very unbearably slow.

Also a good colleague of mine has started blogging about Vista and his post where he explains tha Vista means chicken in Latvian got picked up by Mary Jo Foley  (why did you pick that post, Mary Jo?). 

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