Vista on MacBook Pro: Half Time

I’m seeing a lot of interest in my Vista on MacBook Pro posts. It’s great to see so many of you are eager to get Vista Beta 2 running on what is, in my opinion, one of the better machines out there.

Recently, one of my articles got Digged and since then the page views have skyrocketed (at least relative to my norms). I assume some folks aren’t interested in my usual writings so I have created a bootcamp category that one could use to just subscribe to my posts on Bootcamp.

So currently this is the status:

  • You can install Vista on Bootcamp. Dual boot works perfectly.
  • Vista is still Beta 2 so don’t expect release quality.
  • You need to delete the EFI partition and people have warned me that this will prevent automatic firmware updates from Apple!
  • There are still some driver issues with Vista (iSight…)

Here are some things I like and some things I dislike about the Mac:


  • Great performance on both Vista and Mac OsX
  • Run Vista and Mac
  • Wow factor


  • This isn’t a Tablet machine. I really miss that
  • Weird Swiss Apple keyboard isn’t really suited for Windows
  • No PC Card slot for smartcard reader for instance
  • It gets really hot, can’t put it on my lap
  • Some devices still don’t work

As I find out more about installing Vista on Mac and getting the drivers installed, I will keep you updated.

Below, I’m listing my previous blog posts about this and as you can see I went from frustration to excitement.

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