VSTS Trial VPC’s

VSTS was a pretty good product out of the gate. I loved speaking about it years ago already. Today, it is a great product and here is a fantastic way to check whether I’m talking rubbish or whether I’m telling you the truth.

You can download the VPC’s here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c7a809d8-8c9f-439f-8147-948bc6957812&displaylang=en

Some interesting facts. The images:

  • Expire December 31st 2009
  • They contain 38 hands on labs and samples
  • contain no anti virus software so be careful before you put them on your  company’s network

If you don’t need the VPC images, here are all the relevant links.

Investing in VSTS today will put you on the right path longer term. Check out these sessions about Rosario, the next version of VSTS. They were delivered at the PDC2008:

- Microsoft Visual Studio Team System: A Lap Around VSTS 2010

- Team Foundation Server 2010: Cool New Features

There’s a lot of great stuff at the other end of these links. I hope you find the time to check it out.