WPF/E - Windows Presentation Foundation Everywhere at MIX06

Just attended a session on WPF/E delivered by Joe Stegman. I must say, I'm really impressed. Atlas experiences impress me too but the WPF/E model just knocks it right out of the ring - that's just my opinion.

Two things that impressed me most:

  1. The WPF/E engine has a IL scripting engine embedded. This allows you to run IL (C# or VB) code everywhere. Obviously the class library will be limited but still...
  2. The WPF/E engine will come with a media stack built by the media player team that will allow you to play video everywhere. This means playing video isn't dependant on the player installed on the machine on which the browser runs.
  3. (I know I said two) Microsoft will support [IE, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla], [Windows, Apple, (Linux, Solaris through 3rd parties)]
  4. Just kidding :-)