Azure resources

Microsoft Azure Services platform allows the creation of logical application ecosystem from the applications spread across proprietary data centers. This reduces IT inertia in meeting the changing business needs and thereby improving business agility. Microsoft made a slew of announcement at PDC 2008 and the following are a few resources to get more information on the announcements:  

CCR and DSS Toolkit 2008 datasheet

Live Services Fact Sheet (.doc file, 36 KB)

Azure Services Platform Fact Sheet (.doc file, 40 KB)

Windows Azure Fact Sheet (.doc file, 33 KB)

Windows Communication Foundation 4.0, Windows Workflow Foundation 4.0 and Windows Server “Dublin” - Fact Sheet (.doc file, 73 KB)

Oslo Fact Sheet (.doc file, 40 KB)

Microsoft SQL Data Services Fact Sheet (.doc file, 41 KB)

SQL Server – Developer Focus (.doc file, 33 KB)


Azure Services Platform Delivers on Microsoft’s Commitment to Openness

Microsoft loves everyone!

Recorded sessions of the Microsoft PDC 2008 keynotes(Ray Ozzie and other executives) and breakouts can be watched online at .