List of Silverlight 3 case studies published recently!


I was recently looking for the latest Silverlight 3 case studies and one of my favorite Directors within the Microsoft evangelism group, Daniel Ingitaraj Karuppiah,  forwarded me the following list:


Continental Airlines Modernizes Call Center Application with Web-Based Technology

Continental Airlines stands out from its competition through a commitment to superior customer service and a forward-thinking approach to technology. When it came time to update its call center reservations system, Continental and its partner Infusion Development chose the Microsoft® Silverlight™ browser plug-in to build the new reservations solution as a rich Internet application.


Financial Site Transforms Online Investing With Interactive Tools

Zignals aims to transform investing for individuals by offering them sophisticated trading tools previously only available to industry professionals and by enabling new ways for people to collaborate on investment strategies for free. Microsoft Silverlight™ helped the company’s relatively small development group keep costs low by reusing their existing .NET Framework code base and development skills.


Rich Media Platform Delivers Powerful Results for Fans of India’s Cricket League

Headquartered in Dubai, NetlinkBlue is the media technology and services firm that won the online broadcasting rights to India’s most popular sports event, the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket season. NetlinkBlue used Microsoft® Silverlight™ to stream cricket matches in near-real time, with advanced features and interactive activities for fans, such as chat, voting, and updated profiles of teams and players. At the end of the season, NetlinkBlue found that the audience for the 2009 IPL season was three times larger than the previous season.


Cross-Platform Plug-In Powers Rich Internet Applications for Scientists and Engineers

The company was looking to meet rising demand for a graphical programming tool that would help companies quickly deploy Web-based line-of-business applications that could be accessed across a network. The company chose Microsoft® Silverlight™, a cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for developing rich Internet applications, choosing the software over competing solutions, including Adobe Flash. Taking advantage of powerful graphics and data-binding capabilities in Silverlight, combined with its native cross-platform support, the company accelerated development and market delivery of its new application and capitalized on a key business opportunity.


Yahoo! JAPAN Finds Unique Solution for Multiplatform Online Video

Looking to make the most of its exclusive license to distribute Major League Baseball (MLB) online to the Japanese market, Yahoo! JAPAN needed to find a way to get content to users on multiple technology platforms while protecting the content. When the company heard about the digital rights management capabilities available in Microsoft Silverlight® 2, it began working with Microsoft and local Microsoft® Certified Partner 2ndFACTORY to create a new service based on the technology. As a testament to how easy Microsoft Silverlight is to work with, Yahoo! JAPAN was able to bring the service to market in time for the start of the MLB championship series in just two-and-a-half months. Yahoo! JAPAN now reaches more users with MLB video and will continue to attract new visitors and improve usability of its site with Microsoft Silverlight .


Electronics Manufacturer Reinvigorates BI Application with New Interface

The company wanted to improve the Web interface for its Hyperion business intelligence (BI) solution from Oracle, which was slow and confusing for users. By using Microsoft Silverlight to create a new interface for the BI platform, TDK-Lambda simplified the way in which developers access business data and let them use their existing skills creating applications for the Microsoft .NET Framework. The new Silverlight interface is also much more responsive because it caches data locally and shifts some of the application-processing burden from the server to the client. Employees are more enthusiastic about the BI platform now and the company is exploring ways to transform the way employees interact with information and coworkers using the application.


NASA Provides Interactive, 3-D Views of the Next Mars Rover

NASA is always taking advantage of the latest interactive Web technologies to generate public awareness for its projects, educate, and inspire. For its next-generation Mars rover, NASA worked with Microsoft to create an online three-dimensional (3-D) view of a full-scale model of the rover by using Microsoft® Photosynth™ technology and the Microsoft Silverlight™ cross-browser plug-in. The solution lets people easily pan and zoom to see a full 360-degree view of the machine and its surroundings. The Mars rover Photosynth is accessible to people using Mac or Windows operating systems and a variety of browsers. In addition, people with limited bandwidth can still explore image details because of the way Silverlight optimizes image delivery and the fact that Photosynth serves only the image data needed.


Australian Web Site Gives Visitors a “Wow” Experience with Rich Media Platform 

One of the top three Web sites in Australia, Ninemsn needed a way to create rich, interactive experiences for visitors to stay competitive. Ninemsn used Microsoft Silverlight to create a new way to display content it already had leveraging the .NET Framework skills of its existing staff. The results give Ninemsn visitors a dramatically different view of a fashion photography site, with features that can’t be duplicated in any other display format.


I hope the above compilation is useful to you.